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How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST.     Email us at customerservice@gemline.com or call us at 800-800-3200.

Do you have product minimums?

Yes, most products require a 50 piece minimum order, but minimums range from only 6 pieces on some of the higher priced items to 300 pieces on the inexpensive totes. For specific product minimums, check the website or consult Customer Service for details,

As a distributor, my customers always want to know the tracking numbers on their orders right away. Is there a way I can get them quickly?

Yes! As part of your Gemline membership, you can sign up for Auto Email Notification and we will send you tracking numbers for your order by email. Please ensure your membership number is included on your purchase order.

Can I get an order acknowledgement?

Yes! There are two options for order acknowledgement. 1) Routine Order Notices: Sign up to receive routine email notifications for all orders placed by your account. Order notifications are sent to one email address automatically each time an order is placed. 2) Gemline Membership Order Notices: As part of your Gemline  membership, you can sign up for Auto Email Notification, and order acknowledgement for your individual orders will be sent to up to 3 email addresses. Please ensure your membership number is included on your purchase order

Can I email my artwork? 

All art for in house purchase orders can be sent to art@gemline.com. We will accept Mac or PC art created in Freehand, Illustrator, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress, or PageMaker. Please ensure all artwork includes the format used, a distributor name, PO and contact name.

Can I order less than the minimums?

Published minimum quantity applies for decorated items. Absolute minimum with LTM charges is 1/2 catalog item quantity. For less than published minimum, a charge of $75.00 (V) [USD]  / $93.75 (G) [CAD] will apply. 1/2 catalog quantity minimums not available on Gourmet Expressions, PaperMate® or Sharpie® items.

Can I purchase samples?

Yes, when ordered by 4:30 PM EST and shipped via UPS or 4:00 PM EST and shipped via FedEx, we will attempt to ship same day. However, some samples may take 24-48 hours to ship. When ordered by 4:00 EST, Gourmet Expressions samples will ship 2 business days later, however during the peak holiday season (Nov & Dec), an additional 1-3 days may be needed. Free UPS Ground shipping is available for continental U.S. shipments when ordered online.  Samples are sold at the Blank net cost, plus shipping. Limit of 3 per any one style. Gourmet Expressions samples are sold at EQP net + $4.00 (V) [USD] / $5.00 (G) [CDN] handling charge per carton. Blank samples are non-returnable. All freight charges for samples, including duties and taxes for international orders, are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Can I order blank products?

Yes, undecorated products are sold at the prices and minimums listed on the website. When ordered by 4:00 PM Eastern time, we will attempt to ship same day. However, some items may take 24-48 hours to ship.Undecorated Gourmet Expressions items are sold at EQP at the decorated minimum only, + $4.00 (V) [US] / $5.00 (G) [CDN] handling charge per carton.  Gourmet Expressions undecorated items take 5 days to ship. 

Can I order additional premium padfolio pads? 

Yes, however they must be placed at the same time as the original padfolio and premium padfolio package order.

Where do I find ink refills for pens?

Standard refills are available at your local office supply store.

What is the correct method for measuring a laptop?

Laptop screen should be measured from top left of screen to bottom right of screen to determine size.

laptop measuring


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