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Gemline leads the industry in award-winning decoration quality, workmanship and innovation. Gemline's experience allows the most complex logo to look its best on the many varied fabrics and colors found in our offering.

Decoration Descriptions:


Most popular on leather or simulated leather products, crisp debossed artwork adds a high perceived and lasting value to everyday items.

Deboss is the decoration of a product through the use of a magnesium die. The artwork is depressed (debossed) onto the material surface utilizing heat, pressure and/or radio frequency.

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Utilize this wrapping decoration technique on drinkware and pens to enlarge your logo, make a big impact and enhance your brand impressions.

Deco wrap is available via print or laser engrave on select items. 

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Permanently transfer a photo-quality imprint onto your item for a vibrant custom look.

Dye Sublimation is a digital imprint method used for transferring ink into the fiber of a material with heat and pressure. Once an imprint is dye sublimated, the artwork is a part of the material leaving a crisp and bold imprint that you can't feel! Available on select RuMe items.

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Embroidery is a decorating technique that uses thread to produce a sophisticated look.Whether you are looking for subtle tone-on-tone or bold and colorful, this versatile technique makes a lasting impression.

Artwork is converted into a digitized file and then stitched onto fabric through the use of a high speed, computer-controlled sewing machine.

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Flex Emblem: Elevate Your Brand Flex Emblem

Make a bold statement with this 3-dimensional decorating technique. Flex Emblem provides high resolution details while adding texture to make artwork pop. Choose from unlimited colors and a bold or metallic finish.

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Foil stamp is the application of metallic foil (gold or silver) or a pigment foil (red or black) onto an item. A thin layer of foil is pressed onto the surface of an item with a heated magnesium die for a vibrant look..

Personalization: Gold or Silver. Full names: 18 point Arial, Times New Roman, Lucida Calligraphy / Initials: 24 point Goudy old-style

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Create a custom belly band with GemPhoto to add the finishing touch to a notebook or gift box!

GemPhoto is a photographic reproduction of an original photograph or computer generated artwork, printed with ink, directly onto a belly band or transfer paper. GemPhoto is available on paper belly bands and occasionally recommended on dark fabrics.

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Decorating with a heat transfer is ideal for complex artwork or photographs. This technique is available for light and dark colored materials and is best suited for art designs with floating text.

The heat transfer process requires printing of inks onto transfer paper, and then applying the transfer to the material surface using heat and pressure.

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Give your logo a polished and professional appearance by laser engraving.

Artwork is laser engraved by removing the top coat of the product revealing the product's color beneath.

Personalization: Full names: 18 point Arial, Times New Roman, Lucida Calligraphy / Initials: 24 point Goudy old-style

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LogoDome: Unique details that make a big impact Logodome

Elevate your brand with unique details that make a big impact.

LogoDome is a full color digital printing method with a durable clear epoxy coating for protection. This innovative decoration technique is currently available on zipper pulls and on select items.

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Make a statement with decoration that truly stands out. This technique is ideal for complex artwork or photographs.

LogoMagic is our full color printing service that uses a four-color process (CMYK) to produce a bright, colorful and detailed decoration. Exact PMS color matching is not guaranteed. LogoMagic is only offered on select items.

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Bring your artwork to life with vibrant colors and versatile printing techniques.

Print is the decoration of a product through the application of ink via an automated or manual process involving screens or silicone pads onto a substrate.

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