Ordering Information & Policy

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Gourmet Expressions policies are noted in orange below. 
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Blank Products:
    • Undecorated products are available for purchase at the prices and minimums listed on the website.
    • When ordered by 4:00 PM Eastern time, we will attempt to ship same day. However, some items may take 24-48 hours to ship. 
    • Due to high demand, PPE and PPE related items may take up to 48 hours to ship after the purchase order is received. 

Gourmet Expressions Blank Products:
    • Undecorated Gourmet Expressions items are sold at EQP, at the decorated minimum order quantity.
    • There is a $4.00 (V) [US] / $5.00 (G) [CDN] packaging/handling charge per carton. 
    • Gourmet Expressions undecorated items ship within 5 business days.

    • Gemline items can be inserted into another Gemline item free of charge upon request. 
    • Upon request Gemline will insert your items at a charge of $0.60 (V) [USD] / $0.75 (G) [CAD] per item. 

Less Than Minimums:
    • Published minimum quantity applies for decorated items.
    • Absolute minimum is 1/2 the published minimum item quantity. For less than published minimum, a charge of $75.00 (V) [USD] / $82.50 (G) [CAD] will apply.
    • 1/2 catalog quantity minimums not available on Gourmet Expressions items or reusable face masks.

Order Lead Times - Decorated Product

Product Samples
    • When ordered by 4:30 PM EST and shipped via UPS or 4:00 PM EST and shipped via FedEx, we will attempt to ship same day. However, some samples may take 24-48 hours to ship.
    • Free UPS Ground shipping is available for continental U.S. shipments when ordered online.
    • Limit of 3 samples per any one style.
    • Samples are sold at the Blank net cost, plus shipping.
    • Blank samples are non-returnable.
    • All freight charges for samples, including duties and taxes for international orders, are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Gourmet Expressions Samples:
    • Gourmet Expressions samples are sold at EQP + a $4.00 (V) [USD] / $5.00 (G) [CDN] packaging/handling charge per carton.
    • Samples are not available to be ordered online for Gourmet Expressions.
    • Gourmet Expressions samples can take up to 4-5 days to ship during peak production times (November to January).
    • Returns are not accepted on Gourmet Expressions samples. 

Spec Samples
    • For any Gemline item, spec samples are available for EQP less 50%.
    • For any Retail Brand item, spec samples are available for EQP less 25%.
    • Full set-up and run charges apply.
    • Limit 3 per style.
    • Personalization is not eligible
    • Decoration on gift box only is not eligible. 

Gourmet Expressions Spec Samples:
    • Available at EQP less 25%, full set up and run charges apply.


    • For any Gemline item, self-promotions are available for EQP less 50%.
    • For any Retail Brand item, self-promotions are available for EQP less 25%.
    • Full set-up and run charges apply. 
    • Self-promo samples must include the Distributor logo and be decorated by Gemline.
    • Limit 500 max. The absolute minimum for any self-promo is 1/2 of the advertised minimum order quantity. If less than the minimum order quantity is purchased, an LTM charge would apply.
    • Select items are not available as self-promos.
    • Sale and Clearance items are not eligible.

Gourmet Expressions Self-Promotions:
    • Gourmet Expressions self-promos are available from January 1st – October 31st only, at minimum order quantity.
    • Self-promotion pricing is EQP less 25%, full set-up and run charges apply.

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