Free Custom Imprinted Promotional Product Art

Custom Imprinted Product Art Gemline

Art Requirements

Although Gemline accepts artwork in any form or format, electronic art is the best method to ensure speedy and accurate production. Please ensure all artwork includes the format used, a distributor name, PO number and contact name.

Camera Ready Art

Clean crisp black and white art to size. If no area/size is indicated, we reserve the right to decorate in the area/size most suitable for the artwork. Decoration information in catalog is factory recommended locations.

Electronic Art

Gemline uses the latest technology in MACINTOSH-BASED systems. We have the latest software versions of Adobe Illustrator (.eps), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Quark Express (.qxd). For all other software, save files as an encapsulated postscript (.eps) file. Such files are generally acceptable, as long as the file has been exported as an .eps file and not merely renamed as such. Departure from our standards may result in delays to production schedule.

Embroidery Digitizing/Art

Art must be digitized to prepare a disk for embroidery. Please note that disks used for other items such as apparel or hats may need to be redigitized to work on bag fabrics which are generally coarser in weave. For customer supplied disks, Tajima, Barudan, FDR and Barudan FMC formats are accepted. Camera Ready Art requires digitizing charges. Text should not be less than 1/4" high. Color match should specify Robison Anton thread color number, otherwise all thread colors will be converted to Robison Anton.

Additional Requirements

  1. Convert all type to curves, paths or outlines (vector art). If this is not possible, send in Macintosh version screen and printer fonts used for the job to be printed.
  2. If line screen or dot pattern is used, a 35-line screen must be used with percentages no less than 10% or greater than 40%. Files that include gradients or blends will need alterations for optimum printing quality.
  3. When supplying a disk, please provide a hard copy or faxed copy output for proofing purposes. On multi-color orders, please indicate color breaks.
  4. All Quark files need to be “collected for output.” Include all placed-files along with MAC screen and printer fonts used in the document.
  5. 300 DPI is the lowest resolution for a bitmap format and art should be sent to the requested imprint size.
  6. For large art files, please contact Gemline customer service for Gemline FTP site information. 


Artwork Submission

Disk/CD/100MB Zip/MAC and PC Email art to Please include a color print of all electronic art.

If you are sending art via e-mail, please refer to the following in the "subject" field:

  1. Distributor's Name
  2. Purchase Order Number
  3. Contact Name

E-mails received without identification will be returned to sender delaying the production time. We can accept compressed files, if necessary, with Stuffit, Win-Zip, or Self extracting archive (.sea).

Note: Microsoft office programs (i.e., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, etc.) are not graphics programs and are not acceptable file formats. Gemline can recreate or alter most formats to meet printing requirements, but a delay in the production schedule may occur.


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